11600/11690 San Pablo Avenue (Mayfair Block)


Project Description

The proposed project includes two buildings with a combined total of 223 residential units, shared parking in a garage, along with public, common and private open space creating an interconnected campus. The five story north building proposed by Bridge Housing will provide 67 below market rate units with levels of affordability ranging from 30% to 60% of area median income. This building will contain 17 studios, 30 one bedrooms, 12 two bedrooms, and 8 three bedrooms. It will also include property management and service offices and amenity space for its residents.

The six story south building proposed by Holliday Development will provide 156 units of market-rate housing. The mix includes 25 studios, 107 one bedroom, and 24 two bedroom dwelling units. 8,893 square feet of commercial space is located along San Pablo Avenue and Cutting Boulevard.
Pedestrian access will primarily be through mews which connect the main lobby of both buildings. The north building will also be accessible from San Pablo Avenue and Knott Avenue. Some ground-floor apartments in the north building will also have direct street access on Knott Avenue and Kearney Street. Additional access to the south building will be through three secure points from the parking garage and a ground-floor access door on Cutting Boulevard at the southern corner of the parking garage.

Vehicle parking for residents, commercial/retail owners, and employees will be located in an enclosed two-level parking garage under the south building; behind the San Pablo Avenue commercial uses. Vehicles will enter the site from Kearny Street. A total of 348 long-term bicycle parking spaces secured inside each building for residents and 46 commercial bicycle parking spaces are proposed to be located in front of retail frontages on San Pablo Avenue.

Public Process

This project is a Tier IV Design Review project under the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan.
The project received its final approval on August 2, 2017.

For more information on this project, contact the Planning Division.

Project Materials