Parks & Recreation Facilities Master Plan

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STEP 1: ONLINE SURVEY - Survey closes on January 31, 2018

Tell us how you use your parks and recreation facilities, where you go, what you do, how satisfied you are, etc.

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- Forum Closes on January 31, 2018

Join the community in a free flowing exercise and tell us whatever it is you think we need to know about individual parks, open spaces, trails, and recreation facilities.

Online Forum

Step 3: Tell Your Friends!

Please share this important project with your friends and family through social media and email.  The more community participation, the better the plan will be.

Community Involvement

Community members are encouraged to help develop the plan. Please sign-up to be kept informed of the process and to be notified of community input meetings about the development of the Plan.

 Public meeting #1 Public Meeting #2
 Public meeting #3
 Public meeting #4
Saturday, November 18, 2017
El Cerrito Community Center
7007 moeser lane

Meeting #1 Presentation
thursday, January 18, 2018
el cerrito community center
7007 moeser lane

Meeting #2 Presentation
 TBD mid March 2018
TBD Late May 2018

Purpose of a Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan

The City of El Cerrito is planning to develop a Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan that will serve as a long-range planning and asset management document and provide a framework for understanding the recreational and open space assets the City owns, services it provides, risks it assumes, and financial investments it requires to maintain, repair, rehabilitate and improve these assets.

The Master Plan Will:
  • engage the public to determine community priorities for parks and recreation;
  • include long-range planning strategies to maintain, rehabilitate and improve the City’s network of parks, facilities, recreational, and open space assets, including current unfunded park and recreational opportunities;
  • evaluate the effective use of the City’s financial and physical resources to proactively implement the Master Plan.

Adopted Plans/ Related Planning Efforts

El Cerrito Urban Greening Plan - Adopted 2015

El Cerrito Strategic Plan - Adopted 2015

El Cerrito General Plan - Adopted 1999

Ohlone Greenway Master Plan- Adopted 2009

Structural Facilities Master Plan - Adopted 2004

Active Transportation Plan - Adopted 2016

San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan - Adopted 2014

ADA Transition Plan - Adopted 2009

Parks and Recreational Facilities Master Plan Background Documents

RFP for Parks and Recreational Facilities Master Plan Consultant Services (February 2017)

City Council Report and Resolution (May 2017)