Current Artist in Residence - Kloe Chan

ECCRU logoThe City of El Cerrito Arts and Culture Commission has selected two artists to fill the El Cerrito Creative ReUse (ECCRU) Artist Residency, beginning November 15, 2019: Kloe Chan and Risa Dye. During their ECCRU residencies, the artists will create artwork using materials found at RERC, conduct workshops or other educational programs, provide an exhibition of artwork created during the residency, and each donate one piece of artwork to the City.

Kloe Chan is a multidisciplinary artist who works with trash. In her early years spent at her grandparent’s house, she witnessed how every single material could be reused until it is no more. Their frugal lifestyle instilled in her fascination for the infinite possibilities within discarded materials, which has become the backbone of Kloe’s artistic practice.

Since completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Social Practice at California College of the Arts in May 2019, Kloe has been working full-time at On Lok Lifeways (a Senior Care Center) during the day. In her free-time, she enjoys playing the cello and piano, as well as teaching ESL in Oakland Chinatown.

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