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Instructor Permit Information:

Private tennis instruction is permitted on tennis only if the instructor has a valid permit through the Recreation Department and make tennis court reservations.  Tennis instructors must also be USTA or USPTR certified and fulfill other requirements.  Please contact us at (510) 559-7000 for more information.

Court Reservations, Permits, & Rules
 • Players with reservations have priority at all times.
 • Players without a tennis reservation must relinquish the courts to players with a reservation.
 • An instructor tennis permit may be purchased at the El Cerrito Community Center (July-June). Tennis instructors must obtain a City of El   Cerrito business license and be a USPTR teacher.  Contact information on Certified Tennis Instructors can be found our Tennis Page.

 •Proceeds from this program help resurface & maintained our tennis courts.

*Restrooms are locked at all parks. To access restrooms pick up a restroom key at the Community Center for $20 deposit.  
*There are no refunds for cancellations for time not used.
*Rental fees subject to change on July 1st of every year.

For more information, please call (510) 559-7000 or email

Tennis Court Reservations

Tennis Court
$9.50 p/h
$11.50 p/h
Tennis Club Member
$6.50 p/h
$6.50 p/h
Tennis Instructors $15.50 p/h
$15.50 p/h
Annual Instructor Permit
$26 (July 1 - June 30)
$26 (July 1 - June 30)
Certified Tennis Instructors

Alexander Winslow
(510) 220-0067
Morgan Shepherd
(208) 867-3909
Issa Cohen
(415) 2309917
Marvin Samuels
(510) 654-7146