Preparing For Disaster



CWS can alert residents and businesses within Contra Costa County that are impacted by, or are in danger of being impacted by an emergency.  The CWS message will include basic information about the incident and what specific protective actions (shelter in place, lockdown, evacuate, avoid the area, etc.) are necessary to protect life and health.

You can sign up for the Community warning system HERE


A reliable water supply is an important part of any preparedness program. Following a major earthquake, EBMUD says that they will get most residential customers back online within 30 days. You need to be ready to have drinking, cooking and sanitation water in the meantime. Municipal  governments  will  distribute  potable  water  supplies  within  several  days  but  that means standing in line with containers to get your rationed water. The most reliable way to assure adequate water is to store water at your home and office. Lamorinda CERT Foundation periodically purchases large quantities of FDA approved blue water  drums  and  associated  supplies  like  wrenches,  pumps,  spigots,  dust  covers,  etc.  By purchasing in bulk, the freight charges are reduced substantially.  What do you need? It is recommended that each person have one gallon for drinking and food preparation plus one gallon for sanitation (tooth brushing, hand washing, etc.) each day. That is  14  gallons  per  person  per  week.  If  you  have  a  swimming  pool,  that  can  serve  for  most sanitation needs. Once you figure out how many gallons you want, determine which drum size is best for you. The 5 gallon Samson Stackers are convenient and only weigh 42 pounds when full. The 15 gallon drums are more expensive per gallon than the 55s but can be moved (about 127 pounds). The 55 gallon drums are stationary once filled (about 485 pounds) but are the most economical for large volumes. 

Lamorinda CERT periodically sells these water storage containers multiple times a year. 

More information on current Water Storage Container sales can be found HERE