Picnic Rentals

Reservation Information

Picnic site reservations are accepted online only at www.el-cerrito.org/onlinereg. Each reservation is for the full day from sun-up to sun-down (generally 8am-7pm), and each site will only be reserved once per day. After reserving online, renters will be provided a copy of their reservation confirmation receipts. Confirmation receipts should be brought to your rental as proof of priority use. Picnic sites must be relinquished to those with proof of reservation.

Please review the picnic site rental conditions carefully when completing your reservation. A copy of the rental conditions can be found here.






Arlington 2, Arlington 3, Canyon Trail

2 tables, No BBQ


$74 per day

$92 per day 

Arlington 1, Tassajara

2 tables, BBQ


$88 per day 

$111 per day 

Arlington 5, Arlington 6

3 tables, BBQ


$88 per day 

$111 per day 

Cerrito Vista

6 tables


$221 per day 

$276 per day 

    All sites: $51 deposit (refundable given all rental policies are adhered to, including clean-up requirements). 

Picnic Sites

Picnic Sites include the amenities listed in the chart above. Additional amenities such as playgrounds, basketball courts and more may be available at the various parks but are NOT included in picnic reservations. They remain open to the public during park open hours.

Please note that restrooms at parks are kept locked for safety and sanitation. Keys can be purchased at the El Cerrito Community Center for $23 (refundable if key returned). To purchase a key you can schedule an appointment by emailing us recreation@ci.el-cerrito.ca.us. Appointments are schedule Monday-Thursday between 9am-12pm or simply drop by anytime Monday-Thursday 1pm-4pm.

Arlington Park

1120 Arlington Boulevard, El Cerrito, CA 94530
A 5.2 acre park, Arlington offers 5* different picnic sites available for rent. Sites accommodate 20-30 seated guests and most sites have barbecues. Playground, grass field, pond, tennis courts, and basketball hoop are onsite at this park (open to the public, and not included in reservation). Click here to see Arlington Picnic Site Map.

*Please note that in an effort to promote physical distancing, site 4 has been temporarily removed. There are a total of 5 sites (1, 2, 3, 5, 6).

Canyon Trail Park

6757 Gatto Avenue, El Cerrito, CA 94530
Canyon Trail Park is home to a 7.4 acre park with a large field, playground and walking trails (open to the public, and not included in reservation). There is one picnic area available for rent which accommodates 20 seated guests. There is no barbecue at this park.

Cerrito Vista Park

950 Pomona Avenue, El Cerrito, CA 94530
A 7.6 acre park, Cerrito Vista Park is the largest park in El Cerrito. Cerrito Vista also offers the largest space for picnics, accommodating up to 50 guests. There is no barbecue at the picnic site, but personal cooking appliances are allowed at this site in accordance with EL CERRITO FIRE DEPARTMENT REQUIREMENTS FOR OPEN BURNING IN HIGH FIRE AREAS. Playground, grass field, tennis courts, and basketball hoop are onsite at this park (open to the public, and not included in reservation). Cerrito Vista is also the only park that allows bounce houses. 

Tassajara Park

2575 Tassajara Avenue, El Cerrito, CA 94530
Tassajara Park offers a 2.9 acre park with a playground, grass field, half-basketball court and tennis courts (open to the public, not included in reservation). With seating for 20 and BBQ, this small neighborhood park is perfect for your picnic.