Youth Sports

Recreation Department Programs

El Cerrito GIRLS Basketball & VOLLEYBALL

A 5 week program will be offered Fall 2019 at Korematsu Middle School Gym for girls ages 8-14 looking to improve their basketball and volleyball skills. For Fall program details, click here. Programs begin the week of September 3, 2019.
Youth Tennis
Youth Tennis Lessons will be offered in Fall 2019 at Cerrito Vista Park beginning the week of September 8, 2019. Options available for ages 4-12. For Fall program details, click here.

Youth Gymnastics

El Cerrito Recreation Department Coaches lead school-year gymnastics classes for children of all abilities. Sign-up now for Preschool, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Gymnastics (Intermediate/Advanced levels must check with instructor before registering). To register online please click here. Gymnastics camps are offered during June, July and August.

El Cerrito Gators Swim Team

The El Cerrito Gators is a USS swim team for swimmers 5-18 years old. Read more information about EC Gators.

Community Organizations

El Cerrito Youth Baseball

El Cerrito Youth Baseball (ECYB) has leagues for children beginning at 5 years of age. Please visit for more information.

El Cerrito Futbol (Soccer) Club

The El Cerrito Futbol (Soccer) Club has boys and girls leagues for children ages five through 18. Please call 414-1039 or visit for more information.