Gators Swim Club


The Gator’s Swim Club is a USA Swimming team that has a history spanning over 40 years. Gator’s are dedicated to providing a fun and challenging program for most ages that will enable swimmers to improve their ability and excel in the sport.

Questions? Please email Gators Head Coach Blake at

Gators 23-24 Swim Season Information

  • The 23-24 Gators swim season is from September 1, 2023 through July 31, 2024.
  • Registration for the 23-24 Gators swim season is Wednesday August 9th beginning at 9am. 
  • Everyone that wants to continue swimming Gators MUST register for the 23-24 swim season.
  • If a swimmer does not wish to continue swimming into September or Fall, do not register for the 23-24 swim season. The last day of practice is Thursday August 31, 2023 and there will be no penalty or cancellation fee for stopping swim team on this date.
  • Gators is an auto-debit activity. Auto-debit charges the credit card you sign up with on the first of every month.
  • After registering for the 23-24 swim season, if at any time you would like to cancel please send an email at least two weeks prior to the 1st of the month to There is a $24 cancellation fee.
  • NEW! The Caiman Swim Academy is a program designed to prepare children to become a part of our competitive swim team. Swimmers will learn the basics of competitive swimming including stroke technique, interval training, turns and dives, and much more. The Caiman Swim Academy is split into two different groups - Green and Black - which are each designed for kids of different skill levels. Please see below for descriptions of the different groups.

Parent Meeting

No parent meetings are currently planned. Please check back here for the next parent meeting date and time.


Gators Caiman Black is currently full. Try-outs are being held for Stroke Development, Juniors, and Seniors. 

Please fill out this form if your child is interested in trying out: Gators Try-Out Form

USA Swimming registration

All Groups except the Caiman Swim Academy (formerly Pre-Team) are required to have a USA Swimming membership (Caiman is highly encouraged!). You can register by visiting the following link:

Gators Information Packet

Updated Gators information packet coming soon!

Practice Times:

  • Caiman Green: 6:15pm-7:00pm Mon-Thu
  • Caiman Black: 6:15pm-7:00pm Mon-Fri
  • Stroke Development: 6:00pm-7:00pm Mon-Fri
  • Juniors: 4:30pm-6:00pm Mon-Fri
  • Seniors: 4:30pm-6:15pm Mon-Fri & 9:00am-10:45am Sun

Person Diving into Pool


Auto-Debited the 1st of every month. 15% sibling discount offered. 

  • Caiman Green: $18 Resident / $21 Non-Resident per session
  • Caiman Black: $82 Resident / $96 Non-Resident
  • Stroke Development: $110 Resident / $128 Non-Resident
  • Juniors: $164 Resident / $192 Non-Resident
  • Seniors: $221 Resident / $257 Non-Resident

Why are the prices so different this year? Great question! Gators will be taking the month of August 2024 off, which is reflected in the monthly pricing. For Senior Group, there is also an additional practice on Sundays this season (except on swim meet days) that is reflected in the prices.

 Questions? Please email Head Coach Blake at

Please note:

High-Use Facility: This is a high-use facility with multiple programs happening at a time. During your reservation time, other programs may be occurring that have loud music or amplified sound.

Verification of Residency: Proof of household address may be requested at any time to verify residency. This may be in the form of a utility bill or rental lease.

  1. Caiman Green Group
  2. Caiman Black Group
  3. Stroke Development
  4. Junior Group
  5. Senior Group

Green Group: For kids with limited swimming experience who are able to swim 25 yards without stopping.

  • The Green Group is split into 4 different one-week sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of competitive swimming. Each session is 4 days long (Monday-Thursday) and swimmers are encouraged and expected to attend all 4 days in each session in order to promote their success and development!
  • While you may register for as many or as little sessions as you like, the more you register for the better your technique will get.
  • Session dates/times:
    • Session 1: 09/11-09/14: Freestyle
    • Session 2: 09/18-09/21: Backstroke
    • Session 3: 09/25-09/28: Breaststroke
    • Session 4: 10/02-10/05: Skills and Drills
    • Session 5: 10/09-10/12: Freestyle
    • Session 6: 10/16-10/19: Backstroke
    • Session 7: 10/23-10/26: Breaststroke
    • Session 8: 10/30-11/02: Skills and Drills