Traffic Safety

El Cerrito Local Road Safety Plan

The City is currently developing a Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) that looks at traffic safety on our local street network. An LRSP results in an implementable plan with strategies, actions, and projects focused on reducing crashes on City roadways – particularly fatal and serious injury crashes. In particular, an LRSP helps: 

  • Increase awareness of road safety and risks
  • Reduce fatal and severe injury crashes
  • Prioritize safety investments

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Share your safety concerns in El Cerrito through this interactive map, brought to you in partnership with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA).

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What Does an LRSP Entail?

  • Prioritization: Identify areas at high risk of crashes or where vulnerable users are at the highest risk
  • Engagement: Collaborate with local, state, federal partners and community members to solicit expertise and understand local need
  • Solutions: Identify target crash types and corresponding safety investments
  • Implementation: Provide a blueprint for achieving LRSP goals with an emphasis on actionable strategies. An adopted LRSP is meant to be a living document that can be adjusted as local need and context evolves.

Learn more about LRSPs at the Federal Highway Administration website.

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Project Schedule

Engagement and Countermeasure / strategy development will occur through Spring 2024.