Fire Department Responses

These entries represent a brief summary of the incidents responded to by the El Cerrito Fire Department and Kensington Fire Protection District. Call logs are created annually.

graph of ECFD calls 2011-2015

Overview of Calls for Service 2011-2015

The El Cerrito Fire Department responds to a wide variety of calls for service including controlling and extinguishing fires, intervention in medical emergencies which threaten life and health, and protection of life, the environment, and property from the effects of storm, flood, earthquake, disaster, hazardous chemical releases and other emergency events.

Calls for service are categorized as follows:

  • Fire - Structure Fires, Vehicle Fires, Wildland Fires, Explosions
  • Medical - Rescues, Vehicle Accidents
  • Hazardous Condition - Spills, Electrical Problems, Toxic Conditions
  • Service Calls - Person in Distress, Water Problems, Severe Weather
  • Good Intent - Cancelled Calls, Wrong Location, No Hazards Found
  • False Calls - False Alarms, System Malfunctions, Malicious False Alarms

The Fire Department responds to approximately 3,000 calls for service a year; Fire loss over the five year period of 2011-2015 averages $350,679 per year. Fire loss averages remains very low compared to cities with similar demographics.

The following is a list of total responses and loss for the past five years:



Dollar Loss

2015 3,326 $112,715
2014 3,018 $196,725
2013 2,956 $131,755
2012 2,973 $428,250
2011 2,777 $883,950
Average 3,010 $350,679