Biking, Walking, Transit

The City is committed to providing a transportation system that allows safe, efficient and accessible travel by a variety of modes and promotes the use of alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle. The City’s General Plan, the Circulation Plan for Bicyclists and Pedestrians (2007), and the ADA Transition Plan each include numerous goals that support walking, bicycling and public transit use and the City Council reaffirmed that this was a priority in 2011 when it adopted “Supporting Multimodal Transportation” as a key goal.

The City achieves Council’s mission by pursuing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements, accessibility improvements, encouraging pedestrian-oriented land use, and coordinating regionally on non-motorized and transit related issues.

What's New? We Need Your Input

The City is currently developing three planning documents to help create a more walkable, greener, and economically vibrant El Cerrito through pedestrian, bicycle, park, open space, and urban design improvements. The City anticipates bringing these plans to Council for consideration in the fall and winter of 2014. Community members are encouraged to provide input on these plans as they move through the planning process.

General Information on the City's Multimodal Transportation Efforts