Excavation Moratorium

In order to protect the City's investment on street improvements, the City places a moratorium (or waiting period) on recently constructed or resurfaced streets prohibiting trenching or excavation for up to five years. Emergency work is exempt. If you are planning to do work that may require street excavation please check to see if there is an Excavation Moratorium for that street.

For GIS (Geographical Information System):

Please click into Community View/GIS

Click VIEW and select the Moratorium Street layer

In the SEARCH box, type in the address, street, or APN

Click on the line segment to find the moratorium dates and type of street repair

Moratorium and Street Restoration Information:

Sewer Lateral Replacement

The US Environmental Protection Agency has directed sanitary sewer districts in the Bay Area such as Stege Sanitary District to repair defective sewer laterals as soon as possible. A "sewer lateral" is the portion of the sanitary sewer pipe from the house to the "sewer main" in the street. These repairs often necessitate digging up the street, which is in conflict with the City's paving moratorium. This creates a dilemma for the City as we try to protect our recent street paving investment while at the same time allow these important environmental requirements to be carried out to help ensure that raw sewage does not infiltrate the storm drain system that flows to the Bay.

The City, in cooperation with Stege, is seeking to minimize street excavations on moratorium streets. As such, the type of sewer lateral repair on a moratorium street will vary depending on the condition of the sewer lateral. If excavation is unavoidable, then special street restoration requirements will apply. For more information regarding this matter, please contact Stege Sanitary District at (510) 524-4668.