Neighborhood Preservation (Code Enforcement)

The purpose of the Neighborhood Preservation Program is to protect public health and safety, promote civic pride, and preserve property values. The Neighborhood Preservation Officer ensures that building and zoning ordinances are followed. The process is typically initiated by responding to citizen complaints and by staff proactively investigating code violations. Our goal is to work with the property owner to resolve conflict(s) through voluntary compliance.

How to report

During normal business hours, please contact us at 510-215-4363 or use this form. If leaving a voicemail message, please include a brief description of the violation, the property address where this is occurring and your name and return phone number. If you are reporting a violation after normal business hours or on the weekend, please call the City of El Cerrito Non-Emergency Police Department phone number at 510-233-1214.
  1. Building

    Physical Address
    10890 San Pablo Avenue
    El Cerrito, CA 94530

  2. Steven Mello

    Neighborhood Preservation Officer

Construction Under Shelter in Place

Under the current COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place orders most construction must cease. There are some exemptions for projects which contain affordable housing and to allow projects which are underway to get to a safe and stable condition. Projects which address life/safety issues may be evaluated on a case by case basis by the Building Official, as well. In El Cerrito, the multifamily structures that are currently under construction may continue for a couple of weeks until they can be brought to a safe and secure state as determined by City Officials. These projects will be required to provide and implement Social Distancing protocols per the SIP order. For more information, please visit or contact the Building Official.

Updated 4/3/2020

Common Code violation Complaints

Learn more about common code enforcement violations and how to report complaints or concerns in the FAQ Section.
Concern or Nuisance Who to Report to: Contact Information
Animal nuisance Contra Costa County Animal Services 925-335-8300
Construction work without required permits Community Development 510-215-4363
Graffiti Community Development 510-215-4363
Illegal discharges (Storm Water Pollution) Public Works Dept. 510-215-4369
Neglected Property maintenance Community Development 510-215-4363
Standing water/neglected pools Contra Costa County Mosquito &
Vector Control
Illegally placed Signs Community Development 510-215-4363
Unpermitted living spaces Community Development 510-215-4363
Vehicles on streets El Cerrito Police Dept. 510-233-1214
Vehicles on private property Community Development 510-215-4363
Trash dumped on the public right of way Public Works Dept. 510-215-4369
Trash, vegetation or other objects obstructing
sidewalk or right of way
Public Works Dept. 510-215-4369
Illegal foodware or plastic bag usage Public Works Dept. 510-559-7686

Construction Hours

The hours of work are limited to:
  • 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays
  • Work is prohibited on Sundays and holidays.
  • Work may be prohibited during inclement weather by order of the City Building Official.
  • For work in the public right-of-way, contact the Public Works Department at 510-215-4382 for hours of work
All work must be controlled to prevent causing a public nuisance such as dust, noise, vibrations, and traffic congestion.