Indoor Facility Rentals

Arlington Clubhouse

1120 Arlington Boulevard, El Cerrito, CA 94530
Located in the center of a 5.2 acre park, Arlington Clubhouse has beautiful views of both the pond and the playground. There is a maximum capacity of 50 guests for your party or family gathering. Clubhouse rental includes use of 6 foot tables and chairs, counter space, sink, refrigerator, and patio. Great locations for smaller events such as birthday or graduation parties, luncheons, or corporate meetings. Available on weekends with a 3-hour minimum rental time required.

Please carefully review the Clubhouse Rental Conditions, which include important information on how to access the facility the day of your event, prior to making your reservation. Reservations are currently accepted online only.  Click here to book your rental online!

Arlington Park clubhouse and pond

*Rental fees subject to change on July 1st of every year

Resident Non-Resident
$258 first 3 hours
$318 first 3 hours
Each Additional Hour
$255 $255
Alcohol Permit $49 $49
Transfer of Date $54/date transfer
$54/date transfer

El Cerrito Community Center

The El Cerrito Community Center is currently closed for reservations. Reservations are expected to return late 2022. To be added to our interest list, email with your name, requested facility, and requested date. You will be sent information when the rental program opens.

The El Cerrito Community Center will be available for rental by public and private groups on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 8:00am-10:00pm (clean-up must be completed by 11pm). The contemporary look and feel of the Social Hall and Skylight Room provide the ideal spot for wedding receptions, family celebration, luncheons, corporate trainings, fundraiser and more!  The Hall and Skylight Room, which have hardwood floors and a cathedral style ceiling, can together accommodate up to 250 people.

Rental includes a full kitchen, fridge, freezer, ovens, gas range, sinks, and ice machine. A fenced in outdoor patio is also available, along with set up and break down of tables (5 foot round, 6 foot rectangular and/or 8 foot rectangular) and 250 chairs as part of your rental fee. A 5-hour minimum rental is required.

*Rental fees subject to change on July 1st of every year
Community Center

Social Hall, Skylight Room, Kitchen & Patio
$1,065 first 5 hours
$1,330 first 5 hours
Each Additional Hour $213 $266
Set-up/Clean-up Per Hour (4 hours max)
Deposit $674 $674
Non-Profit Deposit (Need proof of non-profit status)
$346 $346
Alcohol Permit (if selling alcohol, additional ABC license required) $210 $210
Transfer of Date $54/date transfer
$54/date transfer
Non-Profit Discount
20% off
20% off