The City of El Cerrito Conflict of Interest Code

Adopted by the El Cerrito City Council - Resolution No. 2022-68

Effective: September 20, 2022 

Statement of economic interests - form 700

The California Political Reform Act, (Gov. Code Sections 81000-91014) requires many local public officials and employees to file public, personal financial disclosure reports known as Statements of Economic Interests - FPPC Form 700.

Under the Act, cities are required to adopt and implement a separate Conflict of Interest Code. Designated Employees, Commissioners, and Elected Officials must file Statements of Economic Interests. The designated filers and the types of economic interests they must disclose are listed in the City of El Cerrito’s Conflict of Interest Code.

The City Clerk, as Filing Officer, administers the Conflict of Interest Code at the local level and notifies elected officials and each designated employee and commissioner of his or her filing obligation. Officials designated in the Conflict of Interest Code are required to file an Assuming Office Statement when they assume a designated position, an Annual Statement each year and a Leaving Office Statement within thirty days of resignation or termination. Additionally, candidates for elected office are required to file a Candidate Statement. Each type of statement has a specified "reporting period." Filers must sign the Form 700 under penalty of perjury. Once filed, the form is a public document and must be made available to the public upon request.

Certain elected officers identified in Government Code Section 87200 file statements of economic interests with the City Clerk's office. Original statements of economic interests filed by the above elected officers may be obtained by visiting the offices of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) or the City Clerk. The physical address of the FPPC is 428 J Street, Suite 620, Sacramento, California 95814. The physical address of the City Clerk's office is 10890 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito, California 94530. The statements of economic interest for state and some local government agency elected officers may be available in electronic format on the FPCC's website at

The following is a list of names and positions for each officer identified in Government Code Section 87200:
 Position Name
 MayorLisa Motoyama
 Mayor Pro TemTessa Rudnick
 CouncilmemberCarolyn Wysinger
 Councilmember Paul Fadelli
 Councilmember Gabriel Quinto
 City Manager Karen Pinkos
 City Attorney Sky Woodruff
 Finance Director/Treasurer Sandra Dalida
 Planning Commissioner Brendan Bloom
 Planning Commissioner Nathan Tinclair
 Planning Commissioner Erin Gillett
 Planning Commissioner Daniel Hamilton
 Planning Commissioner Abhijeet Singh
 Planning Commissioner Leslie Mendez
 Planning Commissioner Joy Navarrete

Gift to Agency reports - form 801

Gifts to an agency are reported via FPPC Form 801 which is used to disclose payments made to the City when the payments provide a personal benefit to an official of the City.  Examples may include travel, meals, and other benefits.  Under certain circumstances, these payments will not result in a gift to the official, but will be considered a gift to the City provided that the payments are used for official City business and meet the requirements set forth in FPPC Regulation 18944.2, which is available on the FPPC website

Within 30 days after the end of a calendar quarter if aggregated reported payments total $2,500 or more, the local agency must post the information on the local agency website. Reporting that meets this requirement can be viewed by selecting the link(s) below.

public official appointments - form 806

Form 806 reports additional compensation that officials receive when appointing themselves to positions on other boards, commissions or committees of a public agency, special district, and joint power agency/authorities. Each agency must post a single Form 806 listing all paid appointed positions including the date appointed, length of term and stipend amount.

Conflict of Interest Resources: