Ashbury Avenue Improvements

Improvements include:

    • Concrete sidewalk between Ashbury Avenue and Waldo Avenue on the west side of the street.
    • Curb ramps and accessibility improvements at various locations,
    • Reconstruction of the raised island at Stockton Avenue,
    • Construction of median islands at the intersections of Hotchkiss Avenue and Eureka Avenue,
    • Reconstruction of the median and south-east corner at Eureka Avenue (at El Cerrito High School),
    • Raised crosswalks at the intersections of Lincoln Avenue and A Street/Lynn Avenue,
    • Bulb-outs at the intersections of Moeser Lane, A Street/Lynn Street and C Street,
    • Class III bikeway (shared use of vehicular travel lane) between Moeser Lane and Fairmount Avenue, and
    • Class II bikeway (dedicated bike lane) between Fairmount Avenue and the South City Limits.