Online Registration Instructions

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Register yourself and your household members online for classes, programs and activities offered by the City of El Cerrito Recreation Department with WebTrac™ Online Registration. Not ready to go paperless? Download the Registration Form (for classes/programs only).

classes / summer camp Registration

If you would like to practice online registration before Summer Camp Discount Day on Wednesday February 5th, you can go online now and "register" for available activities. Practice using the steps below until you get to "Proceed to Check Out" and click "Cancel" or proceed if you'd like to actually enroll your child in the class.  Make sure to select activities that includes your child's age in its age range.

Returning Participants

  1. Click Web Trac to access registration site
    • Enter your username and password
    • If you do not know your username and password but you have done business with the El Cerrito Recreation Department in the past, please choose “Forgot my Password” and enter the email address registered with your account
  2. Click on any of the boxes in the top row of photos (i.e. “Youth Programs”) depending on which type of program you wish to register for.
    • "Youth Programs" includes all camps including Swim Camps
    • “Aquatics Programs” includes all Swim Center Classes, regardless of age
  3. You can find the class/camp that you are looking for in a variety of ways:
    • Type in the activity number from our rECguide OR type a complete word in the activity search (ex: Ravencliff, NOT Raven)
    • Note: if you are starting a new search, it is best to use the “Reset” button to clear out previous search criteria
  4. Once you find the activity that you are looking for click the button to the left of it (a green + or a calendar icon)
    • A red X means that activity is not available for online registration (please contact us if you feel this is an error)
    • If the box is yellow with a + sign, this activity is full with the option to add to the wait list
  5. Select “Add to Cart” which should appear at the bottom of the screen
  6. Choose which member of your household you are enrolling into the activity
  7. Check off that you agree with the waiver language
  8. Select “Proceed to Checkout” or “Continue Shopping”
  9. Complete Transaction with appropriate Credit or Debit Card Number (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express Only)


  • If you've never registered for any classes/camps with the EC Recreation, "Create an account" on WebTrac.
  • If you receive a "Duplicate Check", this means you have two accounts registered and need to call our office to ....
  • If you do not know your username and/or password, choose "Forgot my Password" and enter the email address registered with your account.  You should receive a link in your email to reset it. 
  • If you just need your username, choose "Forgot my Password" and enter the email address registered with your account.  You will receive a link to reset your password. You do not need to reset it, but the email will contain your username.
  • If you DO NOT receive an email with your username/password or if you need assistance, please email us or call (510) 559-7000.

drop-in camp instructions

Specific to

: Mix & Match, Early/Late Birds and Sports Camp

  • Follow steps 1-4 as listed under Class/Camp Registration
  • A calendar will display available dates
  • Click on the camp name for each day that you want to enroll in
  • Continue adding days to your shopping cart until you have selected all the days you want to enroll into
  • Follow steps 5-9 as listed under Class/Camp Registration for check out

enrolling in multiple days/weeks of drop-in camp?

  • When enrolling for multiple days/weeks of summer camp (i.e. Sports Camp), the simplest way will be to build a pattern
  • Under keyword search, type in the name of the camp or enter the activity number
  • Select the calendar icon on the left hand side
  • Once the calendar appears, select Pattern enrollment and highlight the days you wish to enroll in. To select multiple days of the week, hit the CTRL key to highlight all days of the week needed
  •  Enter the begin and end date of the pattern
  • Once days are selected, choose build pattern
  • Follow steps 5-9 as listed under Class/Camp Registration to check out


Tennis courts

• Click WebTrac to access registration site.
• Enter Username and Password
• Click “Park Facility Rentals”/Highlight “Tennis Courts”/Choose time and location/Scroll down to select a time/Click “Search”/Click on the time and court/”Add To Cart”/”Proceed to Checkout”
• Click WebTrac to access registration site.
• Enter Username and Password
• Click “Park Facility Rentals”/Click on “Date” to choose desired date/Highlight “Picnic Sites”/Choose location and click on the Calendar Icon on the right/Click on date/Select Picnic Site # /Click “Add to Cart” on the bottom of page/ Add head count (25 max per site/ Select a participant/ Enter reservation purpose “birthday party”/ Click on “Proceed to Checkout”