Current CIP Projects

Construction phase

korematsu middle school safe routes to school improvements, phase I, c5040

The project will improve various locations along walking and bicycling routes to Korematsu Middle School to address safety for students and neighborhood residents, and encourage walking and biking to school.

Korematsu Middle School Safe Routes to School Improvements, Phase 1


The 2018 Curb Ramp and Sidewalk Repair Program includes construction of curb ramps and the repair of damaged sidewalk, curb and gutter at a number of locations throughout the City.

2018 Curb Ramp and Sidewalk Repair Program

Ohlone Greenway Bart station area access, safety and placemaking (ASP) Improvements project, c3076

The City of El Cerrito has substantially completed the enhancement of the Ohlone Greenway at the El Cerrito del Norte and El Cerrito Plaza BART station areas.

Ohlone Greenway BART Station Area Access, Safety and Placemaking (ASP) Improvements Project, City Project No. C3076

ohlone greenway pedestrian & bicycle wayfinding & amenities project, c5034

The Ohlone Greenway Pedestrian & Bicycle Wayfinding & Amenities Project will improve the well-used Ohlone Greenway, which runs along the eastern edge of the San Pablo Avenue corridor. The Greenway is a 2.7 mile multi-use trail that traverses the City of El Cerrito, underneath the elevated BART tracks, from the south to north City limits.

Ohlone Greenway Pedestrian & Bicycle Wayfinding & Amenities Project

san Pablo avenue green stormwater spine project

The project will implement green infrastructure such as permeable walkway surfaces, bioretention, and flow-through planters at select sites along San Pablo Avenue.

San Pablo Avenue Stormwater Spine Project

bidding phase

Eureka avenue and Lexington avenue street improvement project

This project will repair the existing roadway pavement and sidewalk, construct new curb ramps and install enhanced traffic striping and signing. The limits of the project are Eureka Avenue from Kearney Street to Liberty Street and Lexington Avenue from Eureka Avenue north to the cul-de-sac.

Eureka Avenue and Lexington Avenue Street Improvement Project

2019 Patch paving project

This project is a component of the Measure A funded Annual Street Improvement Program and is intended to repair potholes on eleven street segments which currently have minor distressed pavement.

2019 Patch Paving Project

Hillside natural area (hna) fire road repairs

The project will repair the HNA fire road at six locations that were significantly damaged during storms in February 2017 using FEMA and Cal OES funding.

Hillside Natural Area (HNA) Fire Road Repairs

design phase

I-80/central avenue interchange improvements

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority and Cities of Richmond and El Cerrito seek to enhance mobility by relieving congestion along Central Avenue at the I-80 Interchange.

I-80/Central Avenue Improvements

hillside natural area trail entry & signage improvements, phase I, c5038

The project will install gateway trailhead kiosks, trail entry signs, trail entry stairs at one location, and trail directional markers within the Hillside Natural Area.

Hillside Natural Area Trail Entry & Signage Improvements, Phase 1

Central & Carlson street improvements

The project consists of sidewalk repair, curb ramp construction, pavement rehabilitation and installation of traffic signing, pavement markings and signs to enhance crosswalks and bike lanes.

Central & Carlson Street Improvements

archived cip projects

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