Citywide Garage Sale

REGISTRATION DEADLINE - SEPTEMBER 10TH ** (has passed and is now closed)**

SATURDAY - October 13, 2018 - 9 am to 3 pm

  A finalized map with locations and listings will be available both electronically and as an 11 x 17 hardcopy to simplify shopping for all interested parties.
The Citywide Garage Sale Map is now available electronically as well as on the Citywide Calendar.

Maps (hardcopies) are available in a newsstand unit at both the Recycling Center in the Exchange Zone (7501 Schmidt Lane), the Community Center between the parking lot and the Main Hall (7007 Moeser Lane).  Additionally, hardcopies are in the lobby at City Hall and in the office at the Senior Center.

TIP:  If you missed the deadline for the map, please host your event especially if you are near sales included on the map.  The public may find you while they are driving around looking for listed host locations. 

Planning ahead?  2019 spring citywide garage sale

dID You Know?
In 1990, El Cerrito resident, Marianne Hegeman, proposed the concept of a Citywide Garage Sale to the El Cerrito City Council. Hegeman, an avid proponent of reuse and recycling, got the idea shortly after the Loma Prieta earthquake in October 1989, when many residents in El Cerrito could not have their home foundations inspected because their garages were packed full of stuff. The City Council endorsed the idea and the City has held one or two garage sales per year ever since.

Each year the City’s Recycling + Environmental Resource Center designates a date for residents who want to participate and hold their own garage sales. The City then advertises and promotes the event, attracting shoppers from all over the East Bay. The event not only promotes reuse, it also gives residents a chance to get rid of clutter; it is a fun community event and a chance to get to know neighbors.
Items at a Garage Sale