City Hall Gallery Space

"apron stories"  -- a show by sandy drobny

The City of El Cerrito Arts and Culture Commission is pleased to present "Apron Stories" from September 10 through September 27, 2019, in the Gallery Space on the second floor of City Hall. Download the show flyer.

The exhibit features aprons woven and created by former El Cerrito Creative ReUse artist in residence Sandy Drobny. Drobny notes that "Through this art residence, I was able to integrate my fondness for vintage aprons, my vibrant sense of color, and my desire to call attention to the needless waste and detrimental harm plastic bags unleash on our environment. Every apron tells a story. Themes may be humorous or more substantial, but hopefully, the tales from these apron strings will provoke and engage."

There will be an artist's reception on Saturday, September 14, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. The reception is free and the public is welcome.

For more information on the El Cerrito Creative ReUse (ECCRU) artist in residence program, please see the webpage.

Drobny image for flyer

Open Call to Artists

The ACC reviews submissions for the Gallery Space twice each year, in May and November. Submissions are due no later than the end of the first full week of May and November.

The Gallery Space is a north-facing wall on the second floor loft hallway in City Hall, overlooking the lobby, with plenty of natural light. The exhibit space measures 42.75 feet (513") in length and 7.33 feet (88") in height, with a rail-wire hanging system.

Submittal Guidelines - The City Hall Gallery Space Guidelines for Artist Submittal were recently revised. Please download and read the current guidelines before submitting a proposal. Preference is given to artists who are residents of El Cerrito.

Download a sample City Hall Gallery Space Artist Agreement (31Kb)

If you have questions about the City Hall Gallery Space or how to submit a proposal, please contact Maya Williams, Assistant to the City Manager/ACC Staff Liaison, via email or call 510-215-4318.

The Gallery Space, in the loft hallway above the lobby of the new City Hall, fulfills the City's contribution to the Art in Public Places program, which requires certain developments to contribute 1% of construction costs to public art.

Since its opening in October 2008, the Gallery Space has had successful showings featuring local artists including:

Charlotte Britton
Pam Fingado
Jana Bouc
Ed Kinney & Dug Waggoner
Joan Keyes
Sandi Potter
Lois Cantor
Kristin Satzman
Helena Tiainen
El Cerrito City Employees
Dean Hunsaker
Jeanne Rehrig
Ed Franco & Paul Lupinsky
Dale Mead
Jan Wurm
Mic DBernardo & Zohra Kalinkowitz
Kevin Proctor
Lorrie Fink
The El Cerrito Art Association Outdoor Painters Group
Evie Groch
Lisa Yount
Erin Kennedy Chase
Shelley Gardner
Lisa Greenstein
Don Hazen
Dug Waggoner (solo show)
Lin Salamo
Jean Sanchirico
Nga T. Trinh
Artist Salon of the East Bay
Robbin Légère Henderson
Yuksel Dinccag
Michelle Fillingim
Farhat Daud
Deb Danziger
Patricia Bulitt
Michel Banda Dieguez
Tran Au
Chris Holmes
Anson Manning
Lillian Nardi
Joanne Uomini
Farin Tabatabai
Richard Pinkerton
Doris Chen
Wang Chen
Celia Chow Huddleston
Beichen Li
El Cerrito High School Photography Club members
Sharon Hind-Smith
Tana Hakanson
Dan Holzner
Margery Hazelton
Michael Bond
Mei-Yu Black
Sherrod Blankner
Erin McCluskey Wheeler
Wayne Pope (Arhoolie Records)
Joy Cai
Amei Papitto
Daniel Lippincott
J.M. Golding
Maggie Hurley
Michael Sacramento
Ken Courter