Committee on Aging

About the Committee

Membership on the Committee on Aging is open to any and all interested adult residents of El Cerrito. Members are appointed by the City Council upon recommendation of the Committee. The Committee has established four long-term goals as follows:

  • Affordable housing options for older and disabled residents;
  • Adequate space and facilities for, and the provision of, quality programs and services for seniors;
  • Improved accessible public transportation and paratransit services for persons unable to use public transit facilities;
  • Increased support services to assist frail older adults and their families both within and outside of their homes.
These goals derived from the primary duties and purposes for which the Committee was established. These functions are as follows:
  • To identify El Cerrito's older and/or disabled adults;
  • To establish regular communication and consultation among individual older and/or disabled adults;
  • To document needs and wants of individuals and available benefits from all agencies;
  • To develop comprehensive plans for programs and for utilizing the resource of talents among El Cerrito's older and/or disabled adults for inclusion in the General Plan and other plans and programs as may be developed;
  • To review and evaluate existing and proposed programs within their responsibility and make recommendations to the Council on City action and funding;
  • To establish liaison with other interested and concerned groups.

Enabling Legislation

Resolution 3559
Buddy Akacić
Katherine Cesa
Kenneth Epley, Chair
Janet James
Carol Kehoe
Joanna Kim-Selby
Dr. Pansy Kwong
Steve Lipson
Kim Marlia
Pamela Wagner, Vice Chair
Bruce Yow

Council Liaison
Janet Abelson

Staff Liaison
Bridget Cooney
(510) 559-7008

3:00 p.m., 3rd Wednesday of each month
(Currently Meeting via Zoom)
Council Chambers, City Hall
10890 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito
(Members of Executive Committee meet on call.)

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