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What is the Residential Rental Inspection Program?
The Rental housing Inspection Program is intended to assure that rental housing units in the City are maintained in a safe and habitable condition and comply with all codes and standards applicable to rental housing. For more details, contact the Residential Rental Inspection Help Line at 510 215-4332.

Building Division

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1. Who is responsible for obtaining the building permit?
2. How can a reputable contractor be located?
3. What is the Residential Rental Inspection Program?
4. Who do I call to complain about an animal nuisance?
5. Who do I call if I think construction work is being performed without required permits?
6. How do I report graffiti? Who is responsible to remove graffiti?
7. How do I report an illicit discharge?
8. What does the Code Enforcement Officer mean by "poor property maintenance"?
9. Who do I report Pool Maintenance concerns to?
10. What are "illegally placed signs"?
11. What is an "Unpermitted living Space"?
12. Who do I call to complain about vehicles parked on the street for too long?

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