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Huber Park

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  1. Barbecues
  2. Basketball courts
  3. Creeks / creek access
  4. Natural area
  5. Picnic tables
  6. Playground equipment / playground / field
  7. Reservations
  8. Restrooms
  9. Walking trails
Huber Park is home to a 2.9 acre park with a unique cement slide. All park hours are Sunup to Sundown.

Huber Park is currently under construction on the upper play area with the slide. Please do not go in that area until construction is complete.

Restrooms are available at Huber Park. Restroom keys can be rented at El Cerrito Community Center with a refundable deposit.

• Picnic area (with barbecue) available for reservations
Reserve Online or submit a Rental Application to the El Cerrito Community Center.

For more information call the Recreation Department at (510) 559-7000 or email