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The Planning division guides interested stakeholders through all phases of the development review process.  The framework for this process is found in the policy documents of the City, including the General Plan, the Climate Action Plan and the Strategic Plan, as well as the municipal code sections that implement community goals and protect and enhance community resources while considering new development.  The Planning Division provides a broad range of services that generally can be categorized into two areas: current and advance planning.

Current Planning
Current Planning is responsible for analyzing development entitlements.  This includes:
  • Guiding applicants, residents, business owners and other interested parties through all phases of the development review process
  • Administering the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for all private and public projects within the City
  • Responding to general land use questions from any interested party
  • Staffing the City's Planning Commission and Design Review Board

Advance Planning
Advance Planning is tasked with the preparation and refinement of policy documents.  This includes:
  • Monitoring and updating the City's policy documents as they pertain to land use planning
  • Revising the Municipal Code to be consistent with the General Plan and other policy documents
  • Undertaking focused planning activities, such as the preparation of Specific Plans, so as to define the community's vision for specific geographic areas