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Utility User Tax
EBMUD Water Utility User Tax (UUT) Supplemental Billing
Voters in the City of El Cerrito reaffirmed the Utility User Tax (UUT) of 8% in 2004. This tax is currently on El Cerrito residents PG&E, telephone and cable bills. EBMUD is collecting this tax on behalf of the City of El Cerrito in a temporary supplemental billing manner due to EBMUD software system constraints. These charges will be billed in six-month increments until EBMUD is able include the tax on your regular water bill.

The current bill is for the period July 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011 and includes El Cerrito UUT charges only. It is based on EBMUD previously billed water charges utilizing their database. This bill must be paid in cash or checks since EBMUD also cannot take this payment online or in conjunction with the regular payments.

This supplemental billing process has been developed to minimize the number of small checks our residents would need to send if it was billed separately on EBMUD's monthly or bimonthly basis. Thank you very much for your patience during this supplemental billing period.

Frequently Asked Questions
Read answers to  frequently asked questions about the UUT supplemental billing:

Lisa K. Malek-Zadeh
Finance Director/City Treasurer

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