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Master Fee Schedule
The Master Fee Schedule  is adopted by the City Council each spring for the upcoming fiscal year beginning on July 1.

FY 2014-15 Rates
New fees for FY 2014-15 go into effect on  July 1, 2014. The Master Fee Schedule FY 2014-15 (PDF) is available for download.

El Cerrito Municipal Code Section 4.01.010 says that prior to July 1st of each year, the City Council shall consider and adopt the schedule of all general and special fees and charges to be known as the master fee schedule. The master fee schedule shall list all fees and charges by department and is on file in the office of the city clerk. Presentation and adoption of the master fee schedule is done as a part of the annual budget process.

The master fee schedule also includes business license tax rates, which are required under
El Cerrito Municipal Code Section 4.32.

As required by California Government Code  Section 66018(a), the City is required to conduct a public hearing prior to adopting any new fees or fee increases at which oral or written presentations can be made as part of a regularly scheduled meeting. Notice of the time and place of the meeting, including a general explanation of the matter to be considered is published in accordance with Section 6062a.

Amendment to Master Fee Schedule
San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan Area Planning Fees
On September 22, 2014, the City Council conducted a hearing and adopted of a resolution amending the City's Master Fee Schedule to add new planning fees and a Plan Maintenance Fee related to implementation of the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan. The City Council also adopted an urgency resolution enacting these fees on an interim basis for a period not to exceed 30-days. The City Council will hold a second public hearing on October 21, 2014 to consider extending the urgency resolution for another 30 days. Download the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan Area Planning Fee Schedule.

Lisa K. Malek-Zadeh
Finance Director/City Treasurer

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