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Historic-Cultural Pavers
In 2011, the City completed a comprehensive project to enhance San Pablo Avenue. The goal of the project is to identify El Cerrito as a distinct place along the Avenue, enhance the economic vitality of the area, and create a better walking environment.

As a part of making San Pablo Avenue a more inviting walking corridor, the City installed 28 interpretive sidewalk pavers at various locations along the Avenue. Each paver depicts an element of the City's historic and/or cultural heritage.

Paver Audio Tour
What better way to learn about El Cerrito's history and culture AND see the recent improvements to San Pablo Avenue than on foot with your iPod or compatible mp3 player as your guide? Listen or download the El Cerrito Pavers Audio Tour from iTunes.  The files (tracks) are numbered 1 to 28, starting at the south end of town, at Carlson Ave (near El Cerrito Plaza.)

1. The El Cerrito Hills (near Carlson)
2. Cerrito Creek (near Carlson)
3. The Little Hill (near Fairmount)
4. Rust (near Fairmount)
5. El Cerrito's Nightlife (near Fairmount)
6. El Cerrito's First Mayor (near Fairmount)
7. Cerrito Theater (near Central)
8. The Six Bells (near Central)
9. The "IT" Club (near Central)
10. Violet Wong's Dining Room (near Lincoln)
11. Master Craftsmen (near El Dorado)
12. El Cerrito's Music Scene (near Eureka)
13. Farms and Dairies (near Columbia)
14. Arts and Culture in El Cerrito (near Stockton)
15. Fairmont School (near Stockton)
16. El Cerrito Public Library (near Stockton)
17. City Hall (near Manila)
18. The Industrial Core (near Madison)
19. The Holy Ghost Festa (near Madison)
20. Quarries (near Carlos)
21. Streetcars in El Cerrito (near Potrero)
22. Little Italy (near Potrero)
23. Stege Sanitary (near Potrero)
24. Contra Costa Civic Theatre (near Potrero)
25. Summertime Fun in El Cerrito (near Hill)
26. The Avenue (near Cutting)
27. Japanese Nurseries (near Wall)
28. Santa Fe Railway (near Ohio)

The interpretive pavers were installed in 2011 as a part of the San Pablo Avenue Streetscape project. The overall project consists of numerous elements that together will make San Pablo Avenue a more attractive and safe pedestrian corridor.
The El Cerrito Arts and Culture Commission solicited ideas from the community as well as the El Cerrito Historical Society regarding ideas for what images and stories to tell in these 2 ft x 2 ft pavers. The final selected images and stories are intended to represent a broad array of El Cerrito culture and history and be of interest to residents and visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Originally, the plan was to install only 18 pavers at intersections where significant pedestrian safety work was being performed, however due to the great response, there will be 28 pavers installed along the length of the Avenue!