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Circulation Plan for Bicyclists & Pedestrians
The City, with funding from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's Transportation Development Act Article 3 Pedestrian and Bicycle Project program, is undergoing a comprehensive update to the 2007 Circulation Plan for Bicyclists and Pedestrians. Intended to reflect new and innovative design standards and traffic control methods, the update builds off the City's 2009 ADA Transition Plan and 2013 Climate Action Plan, and will take into account the City of Richmond's Bicycle Master Plan and the City of Albany's Active Transportation Plan.

The draft Plan proposes nine focus area projects, revised bicycle and pedestrian networks, a policy toolkit and program framework to making walking and biking easier in El Cerrito. The nine focus area projects are: 
  • BART to Bay Trail Access Improvements at Central Avenue, Carlson Boulevard, and Cerrito Creek Connections between Plaza BART and the Bay Trail
  • Ohlone Greenway Crossing Improvements - Citywide
  • Citywide Wayfinding at Key Walking and Biking Routes
  • Arlington Boulevard Pedestrian Improvements
  • East Side Bicycle Boulevard - Blake Street, Norvell Street, Schmidt Lane, Richmond Street,
  • Moeser Lane, Norvell Street, Lincoln Avenue, Albemarle Street, Behrens Street
  • Wayfinding associated with East Side Bicycle Boulevard
  • Key Boulevard Improvements - between Humboldt Street and Hill Street
  • Fairmount Avenue Improvements - between Carlson Boulevard and Colusa Avenue
  • Potrero Avenue Improvements - between western City Limit and Ohlone Greenway

 Active Transportation Plan Public Draft
The City released the draft Active Transportation Plan for public comment from June 15th through July 17th, 2015. Hard copies of the Plan are still available for review at El Cerrito City Hall, Community Center and Library.
Active Transportation Plan Public Draft
Appendix A: Crosswalk Policy