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X-Fit Bootcamp

X-Fit Boot Camp with Joe


El Cerrito Community Center 7007 Moeser Ln.

EARLY BIRD BOOT CAMP:  Wed/Fri  5:30am, 50min class

Canyon Trail Park (Lower Field) 6757 Gatto Ave.

(OUTSIDE) AFTER WORK BOOT CAMP:  Mon -Thurs  6:30pm, 50min class

$5 for 1st Boot Camp

$15 per boot camp thereafter


35% off $100, ONLY $65 per month up to 2x per week

OR $85 per month up to 3x per week

OR UNLIMITED boot camps for $105 per month

The  Early Bird X-Fit Boot Camp with Joe is an inspiring (and exhausting!) group fitness class designed to benefit everyone from a first-timer to a seasoned athlete.  It is an innovative approach to health and fitness that makes workouts fun and challenging. Bringing together elements of athletic conditioning, strength training, core and functional training, body weight exercise, stretching and plyometric training, the X-Fit Boot Camp with Joe is scaleable to individual needs and is designed to improve your quality of life. You will maximize your full potential in your fitness abilities.

To register online, click here and follow these instructions:

1. Log-In
2. Choose "Browse Memberships"
3. Underneath "Pass Type:" Enter Pass Number "351139"
4. Press Search

You can also register at the Community Center Office or in person with Joe.


Please RSVP to Joe at: or 510-289-4200

Check us out on the web: www.XFitTrainingEastBay.com