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1715 Elm Street
The project site is a fairly level, rectangular 0.42-acre lot located at 1715 Elm Street. It currently includes a vacant two-story house built in 1898, a detached garage, a well house, and a shed. An open, rock-lined creek channel runs east-west across the site along the southern edge of the property approximately 20 feet from the house. The channel is approximately 4 feet deep and continues westerly onto the adjacent property in an open box culvert.

The project is proposing to provide 14 new one and two bedroom dwelling units on a 0.42 acre site that is designed int he General Plan for high density. It also proposes to restore and relocate the existing historic single-family detached house on site to provide a fifteenth living unit. Finally, the project is proposing to keep the creek in place, thereby protecting the 115 foot long water course, which is a tributary of the Baxter Creek, and utilizing it as an amenity to the overall site.

The project proponent is requesting relief from specific development standards of the RM zone in order to retain the site's assets, while accommodating a level of development that is generally consistent with the General Plan. This project shall require relief from the following standards:

  1. Setback from property line for the relocated historic building.
  2. Maximum height of the proposed new construction.
  3. Setbacks from the creek from both the relocated historic dwelling and the proposed new construction. Restrictions regarding a bridge over the creek.
  4. Required parking for vehicles.

While requiring relief from some development standards, it exceeds the RM zone requirements for both common area and private open space and allows for ten percent less lot coverage than could have been allowed in this district.

Please see project documents for additional details:
Staff Report 3.19.14
Plan Set
Draft Initial Study and Notice of Intent
Traffic Impact Analysis and Review Letter
Historic Resource Evaluation
Biological Resources Assessment
Shade Study #1 and Shade Study #2

This project was the subject of a study session before the Planning Commission on March 19, 2014. The project will return to the Planning Commission on April 16, 2014. The final body of decision shall be the City Council. Please see the April 16th Planning Commission Staff Report and Attachments:
Staff Report 4.16.2014
Attachment #1 - Initial Study Resolution 4.16.2014
Attachment #2 - Use Permit Resolution 4.16.2014
Attachment #3 - Staff Report 4.19.2006
Attachment #4 - CEQA Mitigation Monitoring Plan
Attachment #5 - Parking Requirements Near Transit Links
Meeting Minutes 4.16.2014

The Planning Commission was asked to make a recommendation to the City Council on a General Plan Amendment, Development Agreement, the creation of a Planned Development District including a Zoning Map Amendment to consider the project on May 21st, 2014. Please review the Staff Report and attachments below:
Staff Report
Attachment #1 - General Plan Amendment Resolution 5.21.2014
Attachment #2 - General Plan Map
Attachment #3 - Planning Commission Staff Report 3.19.2014
Attachment #4 - Planning Commission Staff Report 4.16.2014
Attachment #5 - Shadow Study
Attachment #6 - Draft Development Agreement
Attachment #7 - Submittal Packet
Meeting Minutes 5.21.2014

 The City Council conducted a public hearing of an appeal of the Planning Commission's decision as well as consideration of the Planned Development, Development Agreement, and General Plan Amendment on June 2, 2014.  The City Council continued discussion of the project to the June 23, 2014 meeting.  Please see the Agenda Bills and attachments  below:
Complete Meeting E-Packet 6.2.2014
Agenda Bill 6.23.2014
Attachment #1 - Resolution Approving Neg Dec
Attachment #2 - Resolution Approving GP Amendment
Attachment #3 - Ordinance Approving PD
Attachment #3, Exhibit A -  Site Civil Plan
Attachment #4 - Resolution Denying Appeal
Attachment #5 - Ordinance Approving Development Agreement
Attachment #5, Exhibit A - Development Agreement 
Attachment #6 - Applicant's Letter to City Clerk
Meeting Minutes 6.23.2014