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Items NOT accepted at the El Cerrito Recycling Center
Unacceptable Items
    • Air Conditioners
    • Ballasts from electrical lighting fixtures
    • Bricks, pavers, broken concrete, ceramics
    • Explosives
    • Fiberglass
    • Foam Rubber
    • Garbage, Construction Debris
    • Green Waste: Wood, Grass, Yard Waste, Dirt, Food Scraps
    • Mattresses and Boxsprings
    • Mirror of any type
    • Paint of any type
    • Paper, Plastic, and Cardboard with food waste; "Kleenex" tissues
    • Peanuts - any type of packaging peanuts.  Check with UPS or other packing stores to donate.
    • Plexi-glass
    • Pressurized Tanks: Propane, Acetylene, Helium, Nitrous Oxide, or Aerosols
    • Pyrex glass
    • Refrigerators, water coolers
    • Smoke detectors - USPS info on disposal
    • Tires of any types
    • Toilets - Urban Ore store will accept toilets [fee applies]
    • VHS, floppy disks, audio cassette tapes (We are temporarily not accepting VHS these items as they damage processing equipment. Please check back. Commercially recorded tapes can be donated at Goodwill.)
    • Waxed Paper, Waxed Cardboard
    • Wood: lumber, broken furniture

Options for disposing of items not accepted at the Recycling Center
Note: fees may apply - call for details

The Golden Bear Transfer Station and West Contra Costa County Landfill are located at 1 Parr Boulevard in Richmond.  The Berkeley Transfer Station is located at 1201 Second Street in Berkeley. 

For additional resources and information on recycling, check Recyclemore (Contra Costa County) and Stopwaste (Alameda County).  For information on where to properly dispose of household hazardous waste, check West Contra Costa County HHW or Alameda County HHW. (Proof of residency is required at HHW facilities.)

The Recycling Center does not buy back any materials from the public.  For the locations of California Refund Value (CRV) Centers, check CalRecycle.