urban forest Committee

About the Committee

Established November 27, 2007
by Resolution 2007-96.

The Urban Forest Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council, other commissions, and the citizens of the City with regard to the growth, maintenance, and location of trees within the City:
  • To recommend programs, policies, and ordinances to implement and promote the City's Master Street Tree List and Urban Forest Management Plan and coordinates with Public Works Department staff regarding management and maintenance efforts;
  • To promote and foster public awareness, education, interest and support for urban forestry efforts, foster volunteer opportunities for tree planting and irrigation along the city's streets and in residential front yards, and educates residents regarding selecting, planting and maintaining trees; and
  • To promote public awareness and education concerning potential hazards about above ground and underground utilities and provides information about appropriate tree species and varieties.

Enabling Legislation

Resolution 2021-56 - Training Requirements
Resolution 2021-04 - Term Limit
Resolution 2017-69 - Amendment
Resolution 2007-96


Cathy Bleier, Vice Chair
Robert Hrubes
Catherine (Cassie) Hughes
Jennifer Kaczor
Susan Kuchinskas
Yan Linhart
Robin Mitchell, Chair
(8 Vacancies)

Council Liaison

Paul Fadelli

Staff Liaison

Stephen Prée

(510) 559-7685


7:00 pm

Second Monday of each month

(Currently Meeting via Zoom)

City Hall

10890 San Pablo Ave.

El Cerrito, CA

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