2018 Slurry Seal Program

This Summer 2018, the City of El Cerrito Public Works Department will be resurfacing several streets as part of the ongoing Street Improvement Program.  Below is a list of streets included in this year's program:

  1. Contra Costa Drive - King Drive to Buckingham Drive
  2. Cypress Avenue - San Pablo Avenue to South 56th Street
  3. Elm Court - Moeser Lane to End
  4. F Street - Cypress Avenue to End
  5. Ivy Court - Leneve Place to End
  6. Jordan Avenue - Tamalpais Avenue to Alta Punta Avenue
  7. Kearney Street - Fairmount Avenue to Eureka Avenue
  8. Leneve Place - Terrace Drive to Ivy Court
  9. Ludwig Avenue - Jordan Avenue to Poinsett Avenue
  10. Madera Circle - Madera Drive to Madera Drive
  11. Manor Circle - Elm Street to Manor Circle
  12. Poinsett Avenue - Ludwig Avenue to West City Limits
  13. Snowdon Avenue - Ganges Avenue to End (Beyond Gate)
  14. South 56th Street - South City Limits to Potrero Avenue 
  15. Stockton Avenue - Richmond Street to Terrace Drive
  16. Tamalpais Avenue - Fairview Drive to Cutting Boulevard

Slurry work is scheduled during the week of August 13, 2018. Click here for a detailed schedule.

Once work begins on your street, it should be completed within four weeks. Before the main resurfacing work begins, there will be some minor preparatory work. Traffic and parking impacts for this work will be relatively minor and residents should expect short delays of up to a few minutes. The main resurfacing work on your street will be accomplished within a single work day with individual lane closures which allows continuous vehicular access. A few street segments will experience full street closure for up to four hours on a single day. Advance notice of the specific traffic impacts will be sent to residents on that street at least a week in advance. This notice will be provided by the City’s construction contractor, Telfer Pavement Technologies.

For homeowners who are planning on, or are in the process of doing repair work on their sewer lateral please be aware that once your street is resurfaced a moratorium will commence prohibiting (except under limited circumstances) construction work affecting the street surface. For more information on the City’s street moratorium policy. Information regarding sewer lateral compliance is provided at the Stege Sanitary District website.

Prior to the beginning of construction on this year’s program, a notice from the selected contractor will be sent which will contain additional information, including their contact information. If you have any general questions you can contact Gerardo Avila, the City’s Consultant Project Manager/Resident Engineer at (510) 215-4322 or email. Otherwise, please contact a Telfer representative: Victoria Martinez, Project Manager, at (916) 383-1756; or Trevor Dormire, Superintendent, at (559) 696-1402.

Click here for a current overall project schedule.


Gerardo Avila, Project Manager and Resident Engineer, Avila Project Management     

(510) 215-4322 - office

(925) 890-9796 - cell


Victoria Martinez, Telfer Project Manager

(916) 383-1756

Cabo Montejano, Telfer Superintendent

(916) 500-3159