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In 2018, the City of El Cerrito - Community Development and Public Works Departments - undertook parking and access studies in the Del Norte and Plaza Station areas. The focus areas included parking patterns, design, access and mobility improvements on San Pablo Avenue as well as adjacent commercial areas that will increase safety, accessibility and connectivity among pedestrians, bicyclists, vehicles and transit that supports all users. The City is currently working to move forward many of the parking and transportation components of the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan through the On-Street Parking Studies and Complete Streets Project. More background about this effort can be accessed below.


The City’s Resident Parking Permit (RPP) Program was established in 1982 (Del Norte) and 1985 (Plaza) to prioritize parking for residents near the City’s two BART stations. The City has designated two areas of town, near Del Norte and Plaza BART stations, where 4-hour residential parking restrictions may be applied.  When the City adopted the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan in 2014, it aimed to attract both new housing and commercial activity to the San Pablo Avenue corridor.  The City is currently undertaking a study of parking in its commercial areas and near the BART stations to look at both current and future needs and utilization in the commercial areas and near San Pablo Avenue and the BART stations.  It has been over two decades since inception of the RPP and we are looking to residents in these areas for feedback to highlight both success and challenges and identify parking strategies for the future.

Between 2019 - 2021 BART conducted station access surveys to develop an On-Street Parking Study at El Cerrito Plaza. This information is being used to discuss Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) at Plaza station. Please visit BART's website at or www.el-cerrito/org/TOD for more information. 


2021: El Cerrito Plaza On-Street Parking Study - ARUP/BART (see Appendix here)
2019: On-Street Parking Study Report - Nelson\Nygaard
2016: El Cerrito Active Transportation Plan
2011: On-Street Parking Study - CHS Consulting Group

background: PREVIOUS meetings (2018-2019)

Residents/businesses are invited to join and discuss:

On-Street Parking Study 

  • Existing on-street parking conditions and opportunities as they affect you and your neighborhood.
  • Learn about the results from our on-street data collection analysis and provide input on parking concerns.
  • Help develop future parking strategy recommendations.  

Complete Streets

We are beginning detailed design of access and mobility improvements on San Pablo Avenue between Lincoln and Potrero Avenues, and invite you to learn about our preliminary concepts, including:

  • Safety improvements for people walking, such as flashing beacons to attract attention to people crossing and curb bulbs to reduce crossing distances. 
  • Buffered bike lanes, which will improve safety for people biking by creating more predictable interactions between people driving and biking.
  • Bus bulbs to improve the comfort of people waiting for the bus and improve transit speed and reliability by allowing buses to stop in the travel lane.

To learn more about Complete Streets, click here


Business owners meetings

Please join us at one of the meetings below to discuss our On-Street Parking Study and Complete Streets:
  • Downtown - September 13, 2018 between 4PM - 5:30PM at Nong Thon Restaurant, 10086 San Pablo Avenue (presentation here)
  • Uptown - September 19, 2018 between 4PM - 5:30PM at Del Norte Place, 11720 San Pablo Avenue, Ste. D (presentation here)

The Complete Streets presentation is available here and the Fact Sheet can be viewed here.

meeting for Residential parking permit holders

Please join us at the meeting below to discuss the On-Street Parking Study:
  • September 20, 2018 between 7PM - 8:30PM at City Hall, Council Chambers (presentation here)

community meeting

Please join us to discuss On-Street Parking Study, recommendations and Complete Streets on:

  • October 11, 2018 between 7PM - 8:30PM at City Hall, Council Chambers (see meeting flyer here)

On-Street Parking Study 

The Parking Study presentation is available here.

Complete Streets

For more information, please download the documents below.


  • February 5, 2019 - 7pm at City Hall, Council Chambers (click here to access the City Council Agenda)



Please visit the website here.

To view the development map, click here.

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