Independent Contractors

Have a Skill to Share with youth or adults?

The El Cerrito Recreation Department is looking to offer more classes for our community to enjoy. In order to do so, we need instructors! An instructor can be anyone who has a hobby that they wish to share with others. An instructor can also be any business owner who wants to highlight an area of their expertise while also promoting their business. And of course, an instructor can also be someone who already teaches classes and wants to teach one or two extra classes for the El Cerrito Recreation Department.

We are currently looking for instructors in areas such as as performing arts/drama, music, band, photography, mixed media arts, athletics, gardening, language and more!

Why Become an Instructor?

  • Earn Extra Income: Instructors partner with the Recreation Department as Independent Contractors who charge for services. Instructors set their own program price and share a percentage with the Recreation Department.
  • Flexible Schedule: Instructors propose their own schedules. We choose a day and time that works for you!
  • Make a Difference: Share your talents with the community and introduce them to fun new projects, skills, or curricula.

Instructor Requirements

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must be fingerprinted and pass a criminal background check
  • Must have experience working with and/or supervising youth (if proposing a youth program)
  • Must independently develop session lesson plan and provide all needed equipment/supplies/materials needed for each class

Steps to Becoming an Instructor

  • Interested in teaching Youth classes? Email to along with a copy of your resume and some basic information on the program you would like to lead.
  • Interested in teaching Adult classes? Email along with a copy of your resume and some basic information on the program you would like to lead.
  • Complete the Independent Contractor Course Proposal Form
  • Meet the Community Services team! If we are interested in your proposal, we will reach out to get to know you more and provide the opportunity for you to ask questions as well as gain an understanding of our general policies and procedures.
  • If your proposal is approved, you will enter into a contract with the City of El Cerrito and complete the background check process.