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Tennis & Pickleball Courts

Updated 3/22/21

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Courts are located at Arlington, Canyon Trail, Castro, Harding, Tassajara and Cerrito Vista parks. The courts at Cerrito Vista are the only courts with lights for use from sundown to 9:30pm. The courts at Castro Park are additionally lined for Pickleball. Per State guidelines, doubles play is allowed in the red-yellow tiers. 


Effective March 1, 2021, court reservations will return to standard procedures where each court at each park is available for booking. Players with a reservation receive priority, and players without a reservation must relinquish the courts to those with a reservation. Court reservations are issued by the City of El Cerrito Recreation Department by going online to For help making online reservations, click here.

Reservations are only accepted online (please do not email requests). At the time of booking, a reservation receipt will be issued. Please bring reservation receipt with you as proof of priority use of the courts. Proceeds from this program help to maintain the courts. No refund or transfer requests will be processed by the Recreation Office with the exception of cancellations due to rain-outs. Rain-out cancellation requests must be made within 24 hours of the reserved time via email to

Resident Non-ResidentInstructors*
Court Reservation Fee$10/hr$12/hr $16/hr
Instructor Permit Cost$27/year (July1-June30)$27/year (July1-June30)

*Tennis Instructors must reserve tennis courts if charging students for private/group lessons. Instructors must obtain a City of El Cerrito business license, Tennis Instructor Permit, and be a USTA or USPTR teaching professional. For more information on obtaining a Tennis Instructor Permit, click here.

Play Fields

Grass Play Fields (primarily for soccer, baseball and/or softball) are located at Canyon Trail, Castro, Central, Cerrito Vista, Fairmont, Harding and Tassajara Parks. Play Fields are open only to activities permitted by state and county guidance including:

  • Recreation Activities by Members of the same Household; 
  • Outdoor Recreational Sports in Adherence with State Regulations only with a special permit issued by the El Cerrito Recreation Department; 
  • Organized Outdoor Fitness following Sector Specific Guidance only with a special permit issued by the El Cerrito Recreation Department.

Organized play is NOT allowed except with approved permit issued by the El Cerrito Recreation Department. Field reservations are issued by the Recreation Department. To request a field reservation application, please email

Field Reservation Fee$30/hr$41/hr
Cerrito Vista Hardball Field Reservation Fee$42/hr$52/hr

Once an application is received, please allow up to two business days for review. Applicants will be notified if their request is approved or if not (in which case alternate fields or times will be offered if possible). If reservation request is approved, applicant will receive a reservation receipt once applicable fees are paid. Please bring receipt with you as proof of priority use of the field. Proceeds from this program help to maintain the fields.

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Other Helpful Information

  • All reservations are subject to availability. Reservations are allowed Monday through Sunday beginning at sunup until sundown (with the exception of Cerrito Vista Tennis Courts which is the only court location with lights).
  • All parks are open to the public. Field and tennis court renters do not get exclusive access to the park, only to the specific court or field being reserved.
  • Picnic Sites, Clubhouses and other sites are not included in Tennis Court or Field rentals and must be reserved separately.
  • Nearby Picnic Areas and Clubhouses may be rented by other parties at the same time as field or tennis court rentals.
  • For safety and sanitary reasons, park restrooms are kept locked. To obtain a key, visit the El Cerrito Community or Swim Center and pay the $22 deposit. Please note Recreation Department offices are currently closed and restroom key pick-up is available by appointment only. Please note park restrooms are not cleaned between each use.