School Age ChildCare

The City of El Cerrito provides school-age, state licensed, child care facilities located throughout the City. Child care is provided for children attending Harding, Madera and Fairmont at a center located on site. If your child attends another school in the El Cerrito area care may be available to you too. These programs are for children in grades TK-6.

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Preschool age Programs

The City of El Cerrito offers two preschool programs, Casa Cerrito Preschool and Teeter Tots. They are designed to offer parents an opportunity to have their preschool-aged children in a safe and nurturing environment. Registration is continuous as long as space is available.

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For more information about either the preschool or school-aged childcare programs, please contact Recreation Administrative Specialist, Susan Ortega (510) 559-7006.