Enrichment Classes

The City of El Cerrito works in partnership with local PTAs to provide After-School Enrichment Programs at Harding and Madera Elementary School. The After-School Enrichment Programs offer a variety of classes for students that provide the opportunity for students to continue to learn new skills and discover new abilities after the school day has ended. Classes vary by location. Types of classes include sports, performing & mixed media arts, language, music, science, and mathematics.

These programs are open to the public and students are not required to be enrolled in Harding or Madera Elementary Schools in order to participate.

After School Enrichment Programs

Harding After School Enrichment Program (HASEP)
Fairmont After School Enrichment Program (FASEP) - Coming 2018-19!

Have a Skill to Share?

The El Cerrito Recreation Department is looking to offer more classes for our community to enjoy. In order to do so, we need instructors! An instructor can be anyone who has a hobby that they wish to share with others. An instructor can also be any business owner who wants to highlight an area of their expertise while also promoting their business. And of course, an instructor can also be someone who already teaches classes and wants to teach one or two extra classes for the El Cerrito Recreation Department.

Questions? Contact the Recreation Department at 510-559-7000.