Masters Swim Team

El Cerrito Aquatic Masters

El Cerrito Aquatic Masters (ECAM) is for adults ages 19+ interested in swimming competitively or just getting in shape. Coached workouts focus on endurance, techniques and overall fitness. Competitive swimming is not required. Talk to the coach regarding minimum swimming ability. See current schedule for practice days and times.

Swimmers participating in ECAMS must register with United States Masters Swimming (USMS).


Masters Schedule:


*Yard maintenance takes place every Monday from 7:30am-9am


Purchase passes here!

Drop-In: $12
30-Day Masters Pass: $99 Res, $124 Non-Res
***Masters Swim Annual Pass (monthly payments): $91 Res, $113 Non-Res
30-Day Masters Plus Fitness Pass: $140 Res, $175 Non-Res
***Masters Plus Fitness Annual Pass (monthly payments): $129 Res, $161 Non-Res

***Annual Pass is divided into 12 equal payments that are automatically billed on the first of the month. Registering for the Annual Pass gives a 8% discount compared to the 30-Day Pass price. Payments are not based on the number of days in each month, they represent the price of the entire year from 9/1/22 to 8/31/23 divided by 12, which includes a two-week maintenance break (currently not scheduled, but price is adjusted for this just in case). If you register for the annual pass after 9/1/23, the first month's price will be prorated accordingly. Cancelling the annual pass will result in a $24 cancellation fee. 

15% Senior Discount automatically given for swimmers over 60 years old (not applicable for drop-in)  

Please note:

High-Use Facility: This is a high-use facility with multiple programs happening at a time. During your reservation time, other programs may be occurring that have loud music or amplified sound.

Verification of Residency: Proof of household address may be requested at any time to verify residency. This may be in the form of a utility bill or rental lease.

Masters Etiquette

  • All Masters Swimmers must be registered with USMS (
    • Exception is a one-time drop-in to try out the team.
    • Please email after registering for Masters with your USMS Number in order to purchase a Masters pass.
  • All Masters Swimmers must either pay the drop-in Masters fee or have a Masters Pass to swim Masters.
    • If you swim both Masters and Fitness, you must have a Masters + Fitness Pass to swim both programs.
    • All passes are available to purchase online at or you can purchase at the Swim Window as long as there is no line.
  • Masters’ times and lanes are for Masters Swimmers only.
    • Certain times are for Masters only practice. During those times, you must be swimming with the Masters and following the Coach’s directions/workout.
    • During times that are shared with other programs, certain lanes are dedicated to Masters only practice. In those lanes, you must be swimming with the Masters and following the Coach’s directions/workout. If you are unsure which lanes are which, please ask the Coach on deck.
    • Masters may enter the facility a little before their practice time (except for practice times that begin when the facility opens) but cannot get in the pool until their practice time starts. Once practice is over, they must exit the pool.
  • At times when there is no Coach available, every effort will be made to inform Masters Swimmers before the workout of the situation.
    • A workout will be posted for Masters Swimmers to follow, or swimmers can choose to swim their own workout at this time.
    • When no Coach is available, Masters Swimmers will be charged the Fitness Swim price. Masters Swimmers can choose to pay the Fitness Swim price or use their Masters Pass during this time.
  • If you must leave practice early, please be respectful. Let the Coach know before practice begins that you are leaving early and exit the pool during a time that does not disrupt other swimmers or the Coach.
  • If you need a modification due to injury or illness, please let the Coach know. All Coaches are trained and can help modify the workout to your needs.
  • Please be respectful of all swimmers and Coaches. If an issue arises, rather than trying to resolve the situation on your own please let the Coach or Lifeguard know so they can intervene and mediate the situation.