Teen Even More Resources

Physical Activities

AceFitness.com - Top 25 At-Home Workouts

StretchLab Albany- Facebook Live

  • Monday 3/23 - 2PM PDT/5PM EDT - 20 Minute Stretch - Upper Body Mobility w/ stretch strap
  • Tuesday 3/24 - 9AM PDT/12PM EDT - 10 Minute Stretch - Mobility Basics w/ foam roller
  • Wednesday 3/25 - 3PM PDT/6PM EDT - 30 Minute Stretch - Core Activation w/ exercise band & stretch strap
  • Thursday 3/26 - 2PM PDT/5PM EDT - 30 Minute Stretch 
  • Friday 3/27 - 11AM PDT/2PM EDT - 20 Minute Stretch

YourTeenMag.com - 100 Things Teenagers Can Do without Screens

MarthaStewart.com - 13 Super Easy Meals Teens Can Make Themselves

DIYProjectsForTeens.com - 43 Cool Recipes For Teens To Make At Home


Check out upcoming in-person and virtual camps being offered by the City of El Cerrito Recreation Department here!

Make a walking tour of your city - map it out like you were going to give a tour to people who’ve never been here before.

Go for a solitary hike - with your parent’s permission and following all safety guidelines. Don’t forget your water bottle!

Host a virtual movie night - While it’s not yet possible to attend movie nights in the park or block parties, you can easily host a virtual movie night with your family and friends thanks to apps like Zoom and Netflix Party.

Photography challenges - Love to take shots for decorating your walls or your Instagram feed? Instead of just heading out for random shooting, give yourself a photo challenge for a day.

Bike around - with your parent’s permission and following all safety guidelines. Don’t forget your water bottle! Like a hike only on wheels, enjoy your city from a fresh perspective. Fast enough to cover more ground than walking but slower than driving to really take in the sights.

Scavenge for cool found objects around your home and revamp them - Do you have furniture, art, frames, or other pieces of decor lying around that could use an upgrade?

Camp in your backyard - You don’t have to trek to a far-off wilderness location to have any fun in nature. Use your own backyard to pitch a tent, drag out a mattress and cook s’mores. 

Write letters or send postcards - Grab your best stationary (or make your own) and send some dear friends some correspondence.

Give yourself an at-home spa day - You don’t need a spa day at a real spa—just spend a little time transforming your own bathroom into an at-home one you can pamper yourself in.

Yoga with Adriene: Free online courses via YouTube

Take Ballet lessons: English Youth Ballet are live streaming classes on Instagram. 

Go to the theatre: Every Thursday at 7pm National Theatre are showing free full length productions of their best shows. 

Visit a museum: art galleries and museums are putting some of their collections online, so there’s an unprecedented amount of things you can now see up close without the queues! Take a look at the Natural History Museum‘s fossil exhibition – it’s very cool. 

Play Dungeons & Dragons: You can play D&D online. 

Complete an Escape Room: Teenagers love an escape room, and now it’s possible to do it virtually. Have a look at Durham Escape Rooms for their online challenge.  


Learn to touch type: Have you seen how kids type? That two-finger jab thing they do on the keyboard (or worse still, the iPad stabbing that makes me want to layer 72 screen protectors on their devices). Learning to touch type will speed up their essay work too, so they’ll stop claiming carpal tunnel syndrome as an excuse to avoid their English and History homework.

Build a website: Why not learn to code? Code Academy offers free coding classes online. You could build your first e-commerce site, or start a blog! 

Watch a TedED: From the makers of TED talks TedED offers brilliant educational talks, as well as a daily email of lesson plans for any age group. 

Learn about Art: Google Arts and Culture has a huge rabbit hole of art, architecture and cultural nuggets to fall down. So much to learn!  

Learn a language: try a new language on Duolingo.