Information Technology

About the Division 

The Information Technology Division seeks to provide and maintain information services including data, voice, video, hardware, and software to serve City residents and businesses, Departments, and City facilities. The Division works with multiple technologies to choose the appropriate solution for the City’s needs. The Division’s challenge is to work within the budget to stay current and provide solutions as technology continues to change.

The Information Technology Division performs the following tasks:

  • Maximizes the use of the City's information and telecommunications systems resources
  • Assists all computer and telephone users in gaining access to the network, provides technical support, and resolves user problems
  • Plans for updates and upgrades to address current and future growth needs of the information and telecommunication infrastructure
  • Plans for rising productivity, projected demand, and growth of all City departments by automation, streamlining processes, and improving workflows
  • Enhances the City's customer service portal and ability to outreach to our residents using social media platforms
  • Provides 24/7 on-demand webcast and live TV broadcast of City Council Meetings
  • Troubleshoots and maintains the City’s HVAC, alarm, lighting, and surveillance systems
The overall goal is to provide and maintain efficient, cost-effective, and reliable information technology to serve the public in El Cerrito.