Compost Giveaway

NOW AVAILABLE - Every Third Saturday of the Month!

What is Compost?

Composting is nature’s way of recycling. Recycling food and other organic waste into compost provides a range of environmental benefits, including improving soil health, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling nutrients, and mitigating the impact of droughts. Compost is decomposed organic matter, often derived from urban plant debris and food waste. Compost is much finer in texture than mulch and can be applied topically, added to a plant's root ball, or added under mulch to amend soil. 

Reasons why you should use compost instead of fertilizer:
  • Compost is free and sustainable! It gives leftover food scraps a new life.
  • Because compost is made of organic materials, it contains the good nutrients your plants need, and none of the harmful additives.
  • Compost eliminates the chance of rain carrying fertilizer toxins to our storm drains.
  • Compost increases plant growth.
  • Compost improves soil structure through the addition of beneficial bacteria and fungi.
  • Compost improves soil water retention.
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While Supplies Last!!!

El Cerrito Residents & Businesses ONLY

  • 5 cubic feet per household or business                            (approximately seven 5-gal buckets). Bring your own containers and shovel.
  • Upper Cerrito Vista Park                                                (Adjacent to the Tennis Courts. Entrance off of Avis Drive)
  • Made from your yard waste and food scraps
  • Fully Accessible
  • All park hours are Sunup to Sundown
  • Questions?  Call 510.215.4350 or email us