EBMUD Richmond St. Wildcat Pipeline Project

Wildcat Pipeline Improvement Project

EBMUD’s Wildcat Pipeline Improvement Project will install approximately 2.6 miles of 36 -inch pipeline mostly along Richmond Street. The project will improve operational flexibility and water system reliability in the northern portion of EBMUD’s service area.

Installation of a 36-inch pipeline will begin this month and go through June 2025. For more information, visit  https://www.ebmud.com/about-us/construction-and-maintenance/construction-my-neighborhood/west-hills-northern-pipelines/el-cerrito-pipeline 

Thank you for your patience during construction of the project.

CONTACT: EBMUD Community Affairs

Email: construction-north@ebmud.com

Phone: (510) 287-7208

After-hours, call EBMUD at (866) 403-2683