Traffic / Special Operations Unit

motors.JPGAbout the Unit

The mission of the Traffic Safety Unit is to gain voluntary compliance with the California Vehicle Code to increase safety for the motoring and pedestrian public through Education, Engineering and Enforcement. To this end, the Traffic Unit utilizes a multitude of proactive enforcement efforts including RADAR and LIDAR, preventative patrols, stationary RADAR device, community education and analysis of traffic collision data.

The Traffic Unit is authorized to be staffed with three Police Officers and one Sergeant. Some of them patrol on Harley Davidson Motorcycles or Honda Dual Sport motorcycles.

Traffic Officers are trained in the enforcement of Commercial Vehicle laws. One of our Traffic Patrol cars is equipped with portable scales and other tools for in-field vehicle inspections.

Police and Parking Enforcement Officers sometimes patrol on bicycles too or on foot.

This unit coordinates many programs related to Traffic such as: trailer.jpg

  • Child Safety Seat Installation Programs
  • Sobriety Checkpoints
  • Commercial Vehicle Checkpoints
  • Enforcement campaigns such as “Click it or Ticket” and Distracted Driving operations
  • Public Outreach events and parades

Traffic Unit Contact Information 510-215-4427
This number can be used to leave a voice mail for the following, non-emergency issues: