Police Explorer Program

Opportunities For Young People

The El Cerrito Police Department is accepting applications for the position of Police Explorer. Young people, ages of 14 to 20,are encouraged to apply. The Explorer program is an excellent opportunity for those interested in law enforcement, to learn all aspects of police work.

Explorers get to participate in the following ways:

  • Ride Alongs in police cars
  • Regular meetings : Training in various aspects of police work
  • Color Guard duties at Police Events
  • Firearms and Defensive Tactics Training
  • Public Events / Traffic Control
Many Police Explorers have gone on to become Police Officers at the ECPD and other agencies. Explorers complete our annual Explorer Academy; consisting of basic training in police tactics, firearms, crowd control, radio use, drill and ceremony. Our Post participates in regional Explorer competitions and provides role players for the Mobile Field Force, Urban Shield training and SWAT training.

Explorer Academy.JPG

Appointment Process:

  • All applicants will participate in an oral interview and a writing exercise as part of the testing process.
  • Qualified candidates will go through a background investigation, due to the sensitive material they may be in contact with.
  • Parental consent and maintaining a C grade average or above in school are required.
  • Read more about the Explorer Program HERE.
Due to COVID-19, the ECPD is currently not accepting explorer applications. please check back for updates.