Improve Operating Costs through Energy Efficiency

Businesses can reduce operating costs and improve the bottom line through energy efficiency. There are many energy efficiency programs that offer rebates and technical service especially designed for businesses and institutions.

Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency Assistance for Businesses and Institutions

The following energy efficiency resources and rebates are available to businesses and institutions in El Cerrito.

  • Energy Savings and Financing Assistance:

    BayREN offers technical assistance and resources for small and medium businesses. For more information om the latest programs and to receive updates, visit BayREN’s website.
  • Free Energy Assessment

    : Through the City’s community choice aggregate, Marin Clean Energy (MCE), businesses can receive a free energy assessment and assistance with energy efficiency upgrades.

Commercial Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Energy efficiency and conservation is a great way to both save money and combat global climate change. For every kilowatt hour (kWh) your business saves, you prevent about 1/2 pound of carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the atmosphere. Similarly, for every therm of natural gas your business saves, you reduce CO2 emissions by almost 12 pounds.

For these reasons, El Cerrito has applied for grants and has partnered with various groups to help make energy efficiency improvements in both our own facilities and in the community. Get more information on what the City is doing to save money and reduce its energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.