San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan

The purpose of the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan is to articulate a vision for the future of San Pablo Avenue, identify improvements, and adopt context-sensitive regulations that can be applied along its length and to adjacent areas. The Plan creates a framework for transforming the Avenue into a multimodal corridor that functions, not just as a thoroughfare, but as a place that provides a multitude of opportunities for living, working and community life. The Plan's key principles are to deepen a sense of place and community identity, attract private investment, strengthen partnerships, enhance the public realm, promote the everyday use of transit, walking, and biking, and foster environmental sustainability.

For information about the Specific Plan history, process and current efforts underway, please view the links below:


For more information on the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan, visit the FAQ page here.

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San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan - Adopted December, 2014

Adopted San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan:

This document has been divided for easier downloading. Please note some files are still large and may take a while to download or open:

Chapter 1. Introduction (PDF)
Chapter 2. Form Based Code Chapter (PDF)
Chapter 3. Complete Streets Chapter (PDF)
Chapter 4. Infrastructure Analysis (PDF)
Appendix (PDF)
San Pablo Avenue proposed streetscape graphics

The purpose of the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan, adopted in 2014, is to articulate a vision for the future of San Pablo Avenue, identify improvements, and adopt context-sensitive regulations that can be applied along its length and to adjacent areas. Highlights of the Plan include:

  • Form-Based Code:

    A Form-Based Code regulates development to achieve a specific urban form. On San Pablo Avenue, the proposed form aims to support both residential and commercial uses in an urban environment supported by vibrant local businesses, numerous on-street amenities, landscaping, public open spaces, and a built environment that celebrates El Cerrito's cultural and historic resources. The proposed Form-Based Code building heights, parking, open space, building placement, form, articulation and character requirements, and prescribes allowed land uses.
  • Complete Streets Plan:

    A Complete Streets Plan looks to match the needs of all travelers to the uses surrounding the street in order to provide safe travel for all. The City’s Complete Streets Plan addresses circulation and public investment needs along San Pablo Avenue and adjoining streets to attract new users to the Avenue while proactively mitigating the impacts of future population growth on mobility in the Plan area. Click here for more information on the Transforming Del Norte Project.

  • Infrastructure Analysis:

    The purpose of the infrastructure analysis is to: 1) identify the utility providers for San Pablo Avenue; 2) provide a general review of capacity limitations; and, 3) recommend feasible improvements and associated costs, to avoid significant impacts on the level of service that El Cerrito residents have come to rely on.

Details regarding the City's capital improvement projects can be accessed here.


To learn about the El Cerrito On-Street Parking Study and Complete Streets preliminary design concepts, please visit our Parking Studies webpage here


All new residential development that includes 9 or more rental units, 10 or more for-sale units or any combination of 9 or more for-sale and rental units are required to participate in the City’s Inclusionary Housing Program. Developers can review the ordinance and FAQ at

To learn about new and existing affordable housing projects in El Cerrito, please visit our Housing Programs page here.


Details regarding BART’s TOD efforts at El Cerrito Plaza can be accessed on the City's website here or BART's website here.
For more information, please contact Melanie Mintz, Community Development Director at 510-215-4339.