Coordination with BART

City staff has closely coordinated the scope of sidewalk and tree work around the El Cerrito Plaza BART Station with BART due to a pending transfer of sidewalk ownership from BART to the City. The tree roots located within the sidewalk areas around the El Cerrito Plaza BART Station have displaced the sidewalk, curb, gutter and street surface in numerous locations and many trees are close to the end of their safe and useful life expectancy. BART and the City were both able to secure different funding sources for various pedestrian, bicycle, accessibility, landscaping and lighting improvements around the BART Station. Sidewalk and tree replacement on Richmond Street, Willow Street and Central Avenue between Richmond Street and the Ohlone Greenway will be part of BART’s Sidewalk and Wayfinding Improvements Project, while the work on Liberty Street and the remaining section of Central Avenue will be part of the City’s project.