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Measure A Special Tax Annual Reports
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On March 7, 2000, the voters of the City of El Cerrito approved Measure A Special Tax to fund the renovation and reconstruction of the Swim Center, the rehabilitation of Canyon Trail Clubhouse, and the performance of access and restroom renovations to the Harding, Huber, and Poinsett Park Clubhouses.

The El Cerrito Municipal Code provides for a maximum rate for the Special Tax. The El Cerrito City Council has determined that the City will be able to meet its Fiscal Year 2011/12 obligations in connection with the Lease Financing Transaction by levying the Special Tax at a rate lower than the Maximum Rate.

The Municipal Code provides that the City Council may reduce the amount of the annual Special Tax for any classification of property if the City Council determines that it is in the public interest to do so.

The Fiscal Year 2011/12 rates for the Measure A Special Tax are set as follows:

Classification Special Tax per Unit
Single Family residential $38.61
Multi Family residential $29.73
Non-residential $270.66/acre