Balancing User Needs

The NTMP framework is intended to balance the needs of all who share El Cerrito streets. The NTMP seeks to reconcile the desire for quiet, low-speed streets versus efficient and convenient mobility by designing a street environment that functions well for all users of the street. Users include pedestrians, bicyclists and the motoring public. One of the most important features of the NTMP will be the provision of pedestrian-friendly neighborhood streets. Because community members place a high value on maintaining reliable vehicular access to streets that carry them within and between adjacent neighborhoods, work, and regional destinations, the NTMP strives to maintain efficient and convenient routes for vehicles. However, neighborhood traffic management measures may be considered to discourage extraordinary amounts of cut-through traffic utilizing local streets and instead guide this traffic to collector and arterial streets. This is consistent with the roadway classifications identified in the City's General Plan.

Schools, transit nodes, and other activity centers such as churches, parks, senior centers, libraries, and shopping areas provide important services to the community and require special consideration. City staff and residents must collaborate with the operators of these facilities so that streets will continue to provide the functionality needed by these facilities for access, circulation and loading/unloading. Finally, the NTMP must meet the needs of those who provide various other neighborhood services, including the occasional moving van, garbage and recycling services, and, most importantly, emergency service providers.